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Watch Past Company Pitches

Agile Devices

Agile Devices is looking to commercialize a novel deflectable microcatheter technology.


Learn more about Agile Devices



Aisa Pharma


Aisa is offering a once-a-day oral pill for treating patients with Scleroderma and Raynauds


Learn more about Aisa Pharma 



Beckon Ice Cream

Beckon is the first premium, lactose-free ice cream that is still made from real milk and cream.


Learn more about Beckon Ice Cream 





Operator of a unified platform built for commercial real estate projects and new development.



Learn more about BLDUP



Body Belly Baby


Body Belly Baby is a digital platform for women at every stage of pregnancy and motherhood


Learn more about Body Belly Baby 





Carda Health

Builder of world’s first machine learning enabled remote cardiac rehab platform


Learn more about Carda Health 




Diyse connects counterparties who want to stake real money on their stock market predictions. 



Learn more about   DIYSE




The Family Learning Company

A next generation education software company addressing the epidemic of functional illiteracy


Learn more about   The Family Learning Company




Foodspace helps the CPG industry build trust and gain conversion with instant, accurate product information



Learn more about   Foodspace






Fresh Connect


Fresh Connect helps cut office rental and operating costs by up to 50% and increases job satisfaction levels dramatically.


Learn more about   Fresh Connect









The mission of GPx is to enable patients to return to normal life by predicting disease progression




Learn more about GPX 




incasa health


incasa enables fast, affordable urgent, on-demand care delivered to patients at home.



Learn more about   incasa health




Kudos are the first and only disposable diapers to have earned the Cotton Natural Seal.



Learn more about Kudos



Lawn Serv

Lawn Serv is a DIY lawn care subscription box disrupting the $10B+ residential lawn care industry


Learn more about   Lawn Serv




Begin your journey to a more empowered pregnancy and post-partum experience.



Learn more about LotusMethod 




Lupii is here to help people live more plantiful lives, through the power of the small but mighty lupini bean.


Learn more about Lupii 



Nix has developed a disposable sweat sensor that provides athletes, soldiers, and laborers with real-time data to manage their hydration status.


Learn more about Nix 




Partnr provides an end-to-end, open-API platform to deliver lower risk loans to businesses.


Learn more about Partnr




Procurance monitors sustainability risks throughout a supply chain.





Learn more about Procurance 



Reveal Pharma

Reveal is the future of medical imaging: safer gadolinium-free contrast-enhanced MRI scans and precision imaging platform


Learn more about Reveal Pharma 



Maker of a digital platform that facilitates everyday bets between friends




Learn more about Settlyt




Storytelling is the core of impactful communication. Story2 can help you achieve measurable results.


Learn more about Story2



Vincere Health

Developer of a telehealth platform that pays smokers to quit, paid for by insurers.



Learn more about Vincere Health 





Smoodi Syndication Success!


Syndication via HBS Angels was a big success for Smoodi, an automated, self cleaning smoothie maker which incubated at the Harvard i-Lab. HBSAA Boston President John Reichenbach spotted the potential for Smoodi to be the Keurig for smoothies, mentored the founders, and subsequently invested. Smoodi raised $50k from HBSAA Boston, and another $510k from syndication to other HBSAA chapters.  Investors included  Alvaro Rodriguez from FCP Ventures. This raise of $765k will fund expansion as Smoodi targets convenience stores, universities, retail locations and offices. The ability to offer a limited-touch, healthy snack in a category defining format sets Smoodi apart in the marketplace.

Pascal Kriesche, CEO and co-founder says “John believed in us early on and suggested to pitch to the HBS Angels Global Syndication that was fundamental in getting us oversubscribed quickly even as COVID lockdowns were in place. We are glad and fortunate that through the HBS Angels community we have brought on board an incredible set of new investors that can open doors for us and contribute with their specific expertise far beyond the investment itself.”

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