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HBS Alumni Angels of Boston Success Stories

Smoodi supplies convenience stores with frozen fruit pods, blends the frozen fruit with water in its patented self-cleaning self-service smoothie machine, and produces an all fruit no-sugar added smoothie in under a minute.

Learn more about Smoodi here

We develop “one-stop-shop” self-treatment kits for chronic injuries, combining physical and digital technologies.

Learn more about Alleviate here


Vincere Health is a telehealth platform that pays smokers to quit, paid for by insurers. Vincere profitably delivers a virtual smoking cessation program with remote monitoring, on demand counseling and behavioral incentives to serve the $11b unmet need in smoking cessation in the US. Vincere Health won the $75k grand prize in the 2020 Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge, out of nearly 300 Harvard alumni venture applicants.

Learn more about VIncere Health here


Globally patented green tech to mfg. pristine graphene flakes, which we are now upscaling to mass production at affordable price to meet huge pent-up demand

Learn more about Avadain here


Lime is a platform drug discovery company aiming to create a new class of therapies targeting lipid metabolism in cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

Learn more about Lime here


Imagine a network of underground utility tunnels, big enough to walk in, connecting every city (including underserved communities) on every continent, moving 100% clean energy, water, high-speed data & e-commerce goods via pneumatic tubes. What if these tunnels are created 100x faster at 1/100th the cost of conventional techniques, with a plasma-powered robot using only solar power & air? Does that sound like a future you want to help build?

Learn more about EarthGrid here


Nix has developed a disposable sweat sensor that provides athletes, soldiers, and laborers with real-time data on their hydration levels. The Nix proprietary biosensor platform quantifies full-body fluid and electrolyte losses and core body temperature in real-time, and provides data directly to the user or someone responsible for them (parent, coach, medical staff, supervisor) via Bluetooth.

Learn more about Nix here


FØCAL is DevOps – a combination of software, edge devices and procedures – to speed development for edge devices. We provide a complete edge application testbed behind a simple RESTful API — including on-demand edge hardware!

Learn more about FØCAL here


Landsdowne Labs is a Bob Langer, MIT spin out developing a safety technology for button batteries. Our proprietary ChildLok™ technology is designed to deactivate coin cell batteries upon ingestion, made possible by advanced material science.

Learn more about Landsdowne Labs here


Moxie Scrubs is disrupting the medical apparel market as the first direct-to-consumer brand for nurses. We create innovative medical apparel designed by nurses for nurses.

Learn more about Moxie Scrubs here

Watch Past Company Pitches

Bake it With Mel

Chef Mel, 2X Chopped Champion on Food Network, has created the first ever chef curated baking kits inspired from Instagram’s most trending recipes.


Using the latest in drug delivery from human biomedicine, BioFeyn is enhancing the health and sustainability of agriculture, aquaculture, & cultivated meat.

East Hampton Shucker Company


Faster, and safer way to shuck oysters 

Lime Therapeutics

Lime is a platform drug discovery company aiming to create a new class of therapies targeting lipid metabolism in cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

Mighty Well

Mighty Well is an FDA registered omnichannel platform for the chronically ill and their caregivers providing content



Zylo Therapeutics

Zylö’s has developed and commercialized a platform technology that provides a diversified portfolio of solutions across multiple industries.

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